Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hello again :D


This is just a quick post to show the beautiful blanket me and my Momma made.

Isn't it awesome?? It took two years to complete, I crocheted all the squares and my Mum sewed tham all together and edged it for me. All the squares are done in pink (obviously) and there is about thirty different types of wool, in varying textures and shades. I'm soooo proud of my big pink blanket, it was my first crochet project, started in the summer after my first year at uni, and I finally have it completed, ready for my fourth year :D I love it!!

My Sister and I snuggled under it this morning (ignore the bed hair!!!!!)

I must also show you all the amazing picture my Sister Evie made for me to hang in my new flat.

I think it is just amazing. She is only nine, but is soooo talented. There is no way I could be presented with a blank canvas and produce something as good as this. It really brightens up my new living room.

I should go to sleep now, I have my first class of fourth year tomorrow.

Good night :D Xxx


  1. Lovely Kia, it was sorta fun to crochet all those different types of yarn together too...some I loved and some I loathed!!!
    Mo xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What a gorgeously bright adn snuggly blanket and what a clever Mum! x